Welcome to the Guest Room

Welcome to the guest room


Apparently the dogs think they have their own bedroom.

That lovely lady is my best friends daughter.  She’s beautiful, bright and has the kindest heart.  She is growing into a wonderful young lady.  I’m hoping she’ll be helping me on some future craft projects.  She loves art and tying new things.  She’s already created quite the masterpiece.  She even has her own blog Here

So this is what I started with.  More beige carpet but at least the walls weren’t magnolia.  The only room in the house that wasn’t magnolia.


the wardrobes ended up in this room.  You can read more about that here, love those handles….

Because I had to move the wardrobes in here, it messed up my plans for luxurious curtains, just not enough room for a pole or fabric to hang nicely.  I went for a blind again in here.  At least the wonky curtain pole was gone!  I chose this TRIPPEVALS one from IKEA.


It’s so easy to open and close, you just push with one finger and it’s open! I did add a cute little beaded tassel to the little handle on the bottom.

I also obviously needed a bed and chose this one  from NEXT.  I went for the dark grey velvet option.  It doesn’t come assembled but was easy enough to do.  The beauty of NEXT is their quick delivery, I knew I’d have people coming to visit very soon and needed something for them to sleep on!  It came within 3 days of me ordering.


Of course I wanted shelves in here too!  Enter, IKEA! I wish I’d either spaced the brackets evenly or used 3 on each shelf. The placement of them bothers me slightly.  Also the linen bedding is a nightmare to photograph! It doesn’t look that creased in person, honestly!

I wanted somewhere to keep the paperback novels I haven’t read yet and as there was no where to put a tv in here, at least anyone staying over could choose a book to read.

I also wanted a rug in here, something warmer than the laminate to put your feet on when you climb out of bed.  Originally I put this rug in here, I’ve always loved this rug but never had room for one.  I’m sure you’ll all recognise it as the IKEA Stockholm.


I changed my mind, surprise!

It ended up in the other spare room.

I purchased a navy Adum rug from IKEA.  I liked the dark blue against the floor and it went well with the velvet bed frame.


The light is from BHS.  It’s just a shade so couldn’t of been easier to put up. I changed all the builder grade, white plastic ceiling pendants for something a little prettier.  These came from Dunelm.  I like the scale of the shade and the fact it has a diffuser, I’m not a big fan of laying in bed and looking up at a light bulb.  Just a personal pet hate.

It gives off a lovely, warm, soft light.


I’m sure you all recognise the bed side tables as the Ikea hemnes. I went for yellow as a nice pop of colour.


I did change the drawer knobs though as I had these hanging around from an old dresser.  Excuse my fingers in the mirror there!

Those mirrors were a happy accident.  I had one for years, I think it came from eBay.  It’s old and very heavy and the brass has a lovely patina.  On one of my many eBay searches I found another one!  I hit ”Buy It Now” as fast as I could.  It is slightly smaller than my original one but the frame is exactly the same.

Those black table lamps started life as the IKEA Arstid

img_4426.jpgNice, but a little too plain for me.  The price was very attractive though.  Only £16 for a complete lamp.  I believe they now come in a gold colour lamp base too.

They got a coat of black spray paint and some new black velvet shades I found in TKmaxx

I do feel there’s something missing in here and I can’t quite put my finger on it, maybe the blind is too modern or the yellow tables aren’t quite right? I’m not sure, watch this space, I’m sure it’ll change in the future.

What do you think it is? How would you improve this space?  See anything you like? Ask me where I got it!

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