Outside Spaces

Man Caves and She Sheds…

There is a shed in the garden, at the back of the house on a small patio area.  It’s the first thing you see from the window in the dining area, not a fantastic view.


Quite a drab little area and the wheelie bins don’t help.

I cheered it up a little with some plants and a small table and chair set.

This helped until I had time to tackle painting it.

After the good weather we’d been having I was enjoying spending time outside, this is the first time I’ve had my own garden.

It was time to start project shed.

I decided on Cuprinol Garden Shades in Seagrass. I wanted to treat the wood anyway as a new shed in the future is not in the budget. The wood soaked up the rain like cotton wool and was very weathered. The water just beads up on the surface of the Cuprinol paint.

It will need two coats but the coverage after one is pretty good.

After searching for inspiration on PInterest and seeing some very pretty sheds and summer houses, I decided to go with two colours and purchased a tin of Jasmine White too.

I painted the trim and the door in the off white colour.

This area of the garden is very dark at night and I wanted to attach some lighting to the front of the shed. I didn’t want anything super bright as I didn’t want to disturb the neighbours.

I found these on eBay.  They’re a little smaller than I was expecting but they’ll do the job.

They’re not fantastic quality but they were so cheap. I paid only £7 for two lights.

They’re solar powered so no need for wiring in or batteries. They are very lightweight and won’t last forever but they do the job for a good price.

The shed now shows up the fence panels! There are so many of those I think it’ll be a project for next spring. They go all around the house and enclose the whole garden. It won’t be a weekend project.

Also when your parents come to visit and your Dad sees the inside of the shed and cringes…. you end up with an organised and tidy inside too. Thanks Dad 🙂


The weather was good so I got lucky, I managed to do this in an afternoon.  The Pale Jasmine colour did not cover nearly as well as the Seagrass.  It took three coats.  It was so warm that the paint dried as soon as it went on so I was able to carry on instead of waiting for it to dry for hours.

The view from the window is at least a little more colourful now.

I think it looks a million times better. A cheerful little corner and the wheelie bins have been re-homed.

Maybe I’ll even spend more time around this little corner now!


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