Pet Friendly Decorating

Can you have dogs and a nice house? Yes, it’s possible. Fortunately, for starters my two don’t shed hair. They do have dirty little feet and like to chew treats on sofas though.

My dogs mean the world to me and I wouldn’t dream of not letting them on the furniture, it’s when they give me their best cuddles.

I know lots of people have a no furniture rule but I’m guessing that’s mostly because of the hair.

I didn’t want anything to be too precious in the house that meant the dogs couldn’t go near it. I was dreaming of jewel coloured velvet sofas but that’s never going to work.

Leather isn’t my favourite option for sofas but makes the most sense for me. I used to have a large cream leather number in my old apartment that I loved. Sadly it wouldn’t fit in the new house.


I looked everywhere! Everywhere that sells sofas, I’ve been there.

I settled on one from sociology. I had my reservations after reading reviews about the company, to be honest I was on pins until it arrived.


Charlie got the first comfort test.


Thankfully, no problems. I love it. Comfortable and a good understated simple shape. I went for a dark butterscotch leather which is super soft.


I’d seen a lot of similar ones from the Is on Pinterest and I was smitten.


The little, furry, cheeky monkeys like to stretch out, kick the cushions off (a favourite game of Charlie’s ) and occasionally bury the odd treat they’re saving until later. The sofa is holding up just fine. Even when they come in from the garden like this.


Same rules upstairs, nothing they can ruin, nothing they’re not allowed to sit on, sleep on or chew a bone on.

Admittedly the little muddy paw prints when it’s been raining are unavoidable. A small price to pay to have them in my life.

That’s her cutest “it wasn’t me” face.

They have the run of the house, they’ve never been in a crate, or closed off from anywhere. Neither of them had a great start to life with previous owners so it has lead to them being very spoiled, as they should be. They’re not here for long and deserve to be treated, that’s why they’re pets after all. There’s never been a need for dog cages or baby gates. They have never chewed anything or been naughty.  I realise I’m incredibly lucky.

I’m pretty sure they make a lot less mess than children 😃

I said have to satisfy my velvet craving though. I ordered a velvet one from


So far, it’s fine. Mia likes to sleep on it and chew her tennis ball, so far, so good.

It’s the perfect size so whether you’re in the chair or on the sofa you can put your feet on it. There’s also room for a tray to corral bits and pieces and the obligatory scented candle. You can just see it peeking out here.

The armchair is covered in cowhide. Not for everyone, I know. My feelings are that I eat beef and wear leather so this is a natural product of the meat industry. I would not have the hide of something in my home that I wouldn’t eat. I have a beautiful cowhide rug in the dining area and some sheepskin rugs too. You’ll see more of the chair in a future post about the living room.

Cowhide is indestructible! Honestly, that rug has had everything on it, including half a can of paint I dropped on it and it exploded. Thankfully it was water based undercoat, otherwise the rug would have been toast.

There’s been food and drink spills and the odd doggy accident when they first came to live with me. I just literally washed it. Soaked it right through and rinsed it and it dries like a dream.

I also picked up this armchair from homesense.  Apparently it’s the ideal place to eat your dentastix.

I was still decorating and didn’t want to remove the protective covering from the legs, if you’re wondering why they look a little strange.

I’m lucky enough to have them go to doggy day care whilst I’m at my day job in London. A wonderful place. They get to play with other dogs, go for walks and get a delicious lunch. Not to mention cuddles and their own sofas to sit on. If you’re in the London area, check them out. Pretty Paws . Amazing ladies, they’re so passionate about dogs, they sell only the best food, treats and toys and offer a grooming service too.


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