Nice to meet you!  My name is Yvonne.  Mia and Charles (Charlie) are the names of my two bundles of furry joy, you will probably see them pop up in posts and photographs, a lot.

I am from the North West of the UK but moved down south in 1997.  After 20 years I decided to move back home and drastically increase the size of my home, all possible due to the divide in the North/South housing market.  I sold my one bed flat in Greater London and purchased a four bed detached home in the seaside town of Southport.

In this little corner of the internet, I would like to share with you my adventures in designing my first, grown up house.
Here, I will share with you my design plans, what I have already achieved and my plans for the future.  Along with maybe a few design mistakes along the way.
There will be lots of lovely photos, of course.
Put the kettle on, sit back, relax and enjoy.